11 Great Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas…in Pictures!

We recently put together a collection of 9 favorite Halloween nail polish designs, and now here are some Thanksgiving nail art ideas that we love:

A Thanksgiving owl and orange nails:
Orange Thanksgiving nail with an owl

Thanksgiving designs with Autumn colors:
Autumn colored nails with Thanksgiving designs

Metallic orange Thanksgiving nails:
Orange Thanksgiving nail polish with flowers

Thanksgiving-themed homemade nail decals:
Homemade decals of Thanksgiving designs

Thanksgiving turkey nails with darker shades:
Darker shades with Thanksgiving turkeys

Thanksgiving nail designs, including a 3D bow:
Thanksgiving nail art design

Turkeys on a background of blue nail polish:
Blue nail polish with turkeys

Thanksgiving nail design with a turkey on the thumb:
Green nail polish with a turkey and Autumn designs

Thanksgiving nail polish with messages from the turkeys:
Autumn nails with turkeys with funny messages

“Bubbly” nail design for the fall season and Thanksgiving


Cute Thanksgiving symbols
Nails with Thanksgiving symbols

Which nail art design for Thanksgiving is your favorite?


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