Ever Wonder Who Names OPI’s Nail Polish Colors?

Who doesn’t love going to the nail salon and seeing what name OPI has come up with for its new colors? I mean, sometimes I’m tempted just to pick the color because I love the name. Well if you’ve always wondered just how the company goes about naming the more than 40 million bottles of nail polish it sells a year, wonder no more. A recent Today show exposé went behind the scenes and discovered just how the company comes up with its eye catching names. The challenge is to create shades – and names – that embody the personalities of the slightly offbeat Today show hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee.

OPI I Have a Herring Problem Nail Polish

Have you ever wondered how OPI comes up with a name like “I Have a Herring Problem”?

Up to that challenge was the genius behind all this colorful wordplay, company Vice President Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, who since 1989, has been responsible for coming with the colors and the names of the some of our favorite shades, like I Don’t Give a Rotterdam.

So how does Suzi go about the process of creating a new shade? Well she always starts with some sort of inspiration point for the color. It might be the perfect shade of chocolate, or the ruby red of your favorite adult beverage. In this case, people – Hoda and Kathie Lee – were the main inspiration. Suzi and company chemists mix and stir until they come up with a shade that Suzi’s happy with.

Once the shade is right, the fun part – the naming process – begins. It’s a bit of a committee decision, with members of the marketing, sales, and design teams, as well as the CEO chiming in. The group brainstorms names that are catchy, sum up a moment in time, or embody a cultural meme. No idea is too wild – and from a long list of possibilities, the team narrows down the winners. However, while everyone gets to put their two cents in, it’s Suzi who gets to make the final decision on what names will grace the bottles.

So what did Hoda and Kathie Lee get? Inspired by red wine and pink champagne, their signature OPI shades include I Live for Today and One Singular Sensation…Must be nice to be immortalized as a nail color.

Here is the clip showing how OPI names its colors:

See the OPI Nail Polish Worn by Miss USA Contestants

On June 16, Connecticut’s 25-year-old Erin Brady was crowned Miss USA 2013 at Planet Hollywood Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas. Dressed in a white, strapless gown with a sparkly bodice and flowing satin bottom, Erin won over the judges with her beauty, intelligence, charm, and final question and answer round.

Miss USA contestant in red bikini

Nail polish, like the bikini, had a role in this year’s Miss USA pageant.

This year’s pageant, however, was not all about hair, makeup and wardrobe; each contestant received neatly applied nail polish from OPI, the official brand of nail polish of the Miss USA competition. The colors and designs of the nail art were provided to match the contestants’ outfit in the finale. Now, although fingernails were never given much importance in the Miss USA pageant in the past, OPI and the program are definitely on to something. Nail art is no longer a hobby with just teenage girls; women all over the world, including numerous celebrities, have made nail polish as popular as it has ever been. Continue Reading

Manicures for Men? Nail Polish for Males is Entering the Mainstream

The New York Times recently ran a story with an interesting premise: men are beginning to use nail polish on both their hands and feet. The piece discusses a number of individuals with different backgrounds who paint their nails in different ways.

First, there is a federal government budget analyst who likes to get pedicures with his wife. The finishing touch on the pedicure is usually nail polish for his toes. He likes shades of green or orange, though of course he is able to hide his nails whenever he is wearing shoes.

Another man is a bar owner in New York who wears black fingernail polish virtually everyday. It is kind of a trademark for him, and he says that the feedback he gets is fairly positive when he is at work. Continue Reading

Celebrity Nail Art: Guess Who?

Question Mark for the Nail Design QuizHere’s something fun from MSN: you get an up-close look at the manicured fingernails of a celebrity, and you have to guess whose hand it is.  In other words, match the nail art with the star!

From bejeweled gold nails to a simple heart-shaped French manicure, there are a whole range of styles.

Take a look at the quiz here: http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/reveal-guess-the-star-nail-art-25324.gallery

Harmony Gelish All About the Glow Review

Gelish All About the Glow Collection from HarmonyAll About the Glow is a new collection for Summer 2013 from Hand and Nail Harmony. The idea behind the collection is *Brightness*, enough to “glow you away” :) .

The collection consists of six colors of Gelish soak off gel polish:

  • Make You Blink Pink, an eye-catching light pink.
  • Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta Glow, a brilliant lime green color.
  • Brights Have More Fun, a neon deep pink.
  • You Glare, I Glow, an electric, powerful purple.
  • I’m Brighter Than You, a vivid melon or coral color.
  • Radiance Is My Middle Name, a gorgeous, vibrant teal with some green tone.

Continue Reading

The Best Nail Art Salons in Los Angeles, According to LAist

Have you ever wondered which nail art salons can turn your nails into “Instagrammable works of art”? Or perhaps you would just like to get some new ideas for nail designs?

This article from LAist lists the best nail salons in Los Angeles. The piece lists seven salons and gives you a taste of what makes them so appealing. There are even a couple of pictures that might inspire you, even if you can’t make it out to these locations.

Nail Polish Industry Trends: The Polish Craze Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

The incredible popularity of nail polish that has developed over the past several years shows no signs of slowing down. Many in the fashion industry consider nail polish the number one women’s accessory, with several hundred millions of dollars of nail polish being purchased annually.

Here is an excerpt from a story on nail polish popularity by CBS Miami:

“It used to be lipstick was the hottest must have and now everybody is all about nails…$770 million dollars alone in America has been spent on nail polish, which is amazing. It’s 16% increase over the previous year…”

Part of the appeal of nail art, polishes, and even manicures is that they are affordable luxuries. Even in a tough economy, women can afford to splurge just a little to brighten up their nails.