Nail Polish for Breast Cancer Awareness: Do Good, Look Good

Pink Nail Polish for Breast Cancer AwarenessCan you feel it? Fall is nipping at summer’s heels, and while it’s time to get mad about plaid and don your favorite scarf, is also time to get serious – about helping others.

October is national breast cancer awareness month and all around the country, companies are putting on their do-gooder hats and preparing special products and promotions to help support the cause. It’s a win-win situation – companies create, consumers buy, and money goes to a worthy cause.

This year, nail polish companies are joining the fight and donning the pink. Two industry leaders, Morgan Taylor and Gelish are debuting special breast cancer awareness collections just in time for the fall. Each company will donate 5% of the proceeds from these special collections to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to Find a Cure. The foundation has awarded over $180 million in research grants over the years.

Luckily, you won’t have to wait long to start doing some good. Available from September 2013 through the end of October, Gelish’s “You Can Make A Difference” line is a special edition, custom blended trio of pink-hued polish for your nails. The line features Gelish’s careful attention to vibrant color and quality formulations.

You’ll have to chose between Go Girl – a bouncy, bubble gum pink or Gossip Girl – a bold magenta, but you have all fall – from the balmy days of September to the hot chocolate sipping nights of October to try out your new colors. The trio also features Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy – a sheer effect overlay.

The three shades in the Morgan Taylor Breast Cancer Awareness Lacquer Trio are Who’s That Girl, a pink glitter; Make Me Blush, a pink crème, and All Dolled Up, an electric pink. Proceeds from this collection also will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Whatever shade or collection you choose – you’ll know you’re looking good and doing good!

OPI Left Its Heart in San Francisco, and the Result is a Timeless Collection for Fall and Winter 2013

San Francisco, the inspiration for OPI's Fall/Winter 2013 collection

San Francisco is the inspiration for OPI’s Fall/Winter 2013 nail polish collection

Fog City, San Fran, City by the Bay, Paris of the West – call it what you will, but the Golden City – a.k.a – San Francisco – has inspired a new line of luscious nail colors from OPI. The company has released details on a San Francisco themed line for Fall/Winter 2013. With 15 shades – 3 of them the cool liquid sands, there is sure to be a color for everyone.

The company’s San Francisco collection echoes the urbanity of the City by the Bay with a range of rich, luxe shades perfect for the chillier weather. Even the names reflect the distinctive city, with shades named “A-Piers to Be Tan” and “Lost on Lombard”. The collection also includes three cool liquid sand shades with their distinctive glittery micro texture feel. Nail polish blog Swatch and Learn did a full workup with images of all the shades here. And here’s a run-down of all the shades in the collection.

Haven’t the Foggiest – It’s called Fog City for a reason, but this glittery gray will banish the blues away
Embarca-Dare Ya! – Bold and bright, a popping magenta
Incognito in Sausalito – You won’t be on the QT in this not so basic black
Peace, Love & OPI – Hippies and hipsters alike will go la-la for this earthy green, dig.
Keeping Suzi at Bay – Bluer than SF bay, this cobalt blue will cheer you up
A-Piers to Be Tan – Remember when it was cool to slather on the coconut oil and bake – well here’s the UV-friendly version
Lost on Lombard – This siren red is sure to get some attention
Knead Sour-Dough – Echo the colors of fall with this reddish-brown shade
In the Cable Car-Pool Lane – You won’t feel like Hester Prynne with this shade of scarlet
Muir Muir on the Wall – You’ll be plum-touched when you wear this
Dining al Frisco – The perfect shade of an azure blue sky
First Date at the Golden Gate – Hubba-hubba red
Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! (Liquid Sand) – Just like a dog will always make you smile, this pretty blue will keep you grinning
It’s All San Andreas’s Fault (Liquid Sand) – No one will fault you for wearing this rich sable shade
Alcatraz…Rocks (Liquid Sand) – Banish thoughts of prison gray – this is a charming mist

With so many shades to choose from in the new OPI San Francisco line, you’ll be sure to find a few that you love for this fall and winter!

Nail Salons in Santa Monica Make a Move Toward Improved Safety

In a move welcomed by many, the city of Santa Monica, California, is introducing a program to improve the health of nail salon employeesNail salon work station. The initiative is meant to encourage salons to engage in practices such as:

  • avoiding nail polish that contains the most toxic chemicals
  • making certain that salon workers protect themselves with proper gloves
  • improving ventilation within nail salons

Many nail polish brands already have eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde, but this program will do even more to protect the health of customers and employees alike.

Approximately 120 nail technicians work in Santa Monica, home to about 30 licensed salons.

How to Pull Off Neutral Nails

Beautiful Neutral NailsWhile many nail polish looks this summer feature bright colors, there is another style that many women are embracing: the look of neutral, nude, or sheer nails (see #7 on our list of summer nail trends). The great thing about this “bare” look is that they go with pretty much any outfit, but it is important to get the right shade to match your skin tone. offers some advice on picking the right nude nail polish. Some pointers include choosing a shade with undertones that are pink or cream, avoiding anything too tan or brown, and wearing a polish that is thick enough to hide the whites of your nail tips with a maximum of two or three coats. Check out the rest of the article to see some suggested polishes that include OPI’s Bubble Bath.

Do It Yourself Nail Designs that Anyone Can Do

Do It Yourself (DIY)
Anyone who spends even five minutes browsing the Web in search of eye-catching do-it-yourself nail designs will find tons of fun, great-looking ideas. Some might be silly, others might have a more elegant undertone, but undoubtedly, the question that everyone eventually asks when looking at pictures of DIY nail art is…”Can I actually do this?” Even if a tutorial is available, it can be quite a daunting task to replicate the seemingly flawless appearance of nails that are found online.

Fortunately, has brought together three DIY designs that look great but don’t require hours of free time and a surgeon’s fine motor skills to accomplish. Continue Reading

From Bold to Basic: The 8 Hottest Nail Trends for Summer 2013

Woman with colorful nail polish for summer 2013
Summer is in full swing and so is the world of bold new nails. With summer tans, dewy skin, and most of us baring just a little bit more skin, now is the time to have your nails feel as fresh, flowery, and happy as the rest of you. Fashion trendsetters are getting daring with their nails, and this is the perfect time for the average gal to follow – after all if Beyoncé is doing it, it can’t be wrong, right?

Here’s a roundup of the top nail trends for the summer of 2013.

1. Mermaid Fresh or Girly Gone – It’s summer time and the living is easy, so why not reflect that by choosing a shade that matches your mood. Feeling girly? Check out the newest pastels for something to highlight your softer side. Is your inner mermaid singing a siren song? Then be sure to check out the Mediterranean inspired shades of blue and green. Need something that goes with a great white – jeans that is? Purple might be just what you need. What’s great is that all of these colors really pop against tan skin and white accents, like sandals or capris. Continue Reading