How to Stop Cracked Nails and 10 Other Common Fingernail Problems

Nail Treatment for Cracking and Splitting

Everybody loves a new manicure, but if you crack your nail or have issues with your cuticles, the look of your new polish or nail art can go from impressive to icky in no time flat. Here is a slideshow with 11 common manicure problems and suggested solutions for each one. Keep in mind that this certainly is not medical advice, and a doctor or other professional should be consulted to examine serious symptoms.

The problems addressed and their recommended solutions are:

  1. dry fingernails and cuticles: cuticle oil like CND Solar Oil
  2. rough cuticles: cuticle eliminator
  3. hangnails: moisturizer (and fingernail clippers)
  4. ridges on the nails: ridge-filling base coat
  5. yellowing nails: nail brightener
  6. peeling nails: Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II with protein
  7. nails that crack or split easily: Nailtiques Nail Protein
  8. nails that won’t grow: nail “fertilizer” with herbs and minerals
  9. post-manicure smudging: fast-drying top coat
  10. thickened polish: OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner
  11. dark spots on your skin: dark spot correcting or brightening hand cream

A lot of these problems are so frustrating! And yet they are very common. Take a look at our Nail Treatments center for more solutions to everyday nail problems.

New Nail Art Television Show to Debut on the Oxygen Network

Nail polish design

As another sign of the immense popularity of nail art, Variety reports that the Oxygen network has plans to develop a competition show based on designing nails. The show, called “Nailed It!”, will involve the nation’s best nail artists, who will battle off to see who can come up with best designs. The artists will be given themes and other challenges, and the winner will get a cash prize.

Carrie Underwood Nail Lacquer: Country Music Star is the Latest to Get Her Own Nail Polish Collection

Vials of Nail Polish
Carrie Underwood has been working closely with Nicole by OPI to develop her own nail lacquer collection. The goal was to create 14 shades that capture different aspects of her personality and her “soulful spirit”. Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director, spent time with Carrie and for the first time ever, developed a new shade specifically for a celebrity partner. The shade, called Carrie’d Away, is a gold textured lacquer.

The collection, which has colors ranging from pastels to dark shades and even glitters, will be available in January 2014. Here is a full list of the 14 shades:

Carrie’d Away
American as Apple Pie
Backstage Pass
Carnival Cotton Candy
Color Me Country
Fisher Queen
Goodbye Shoes
Lips are Dripping Honey
Love My Pups
Party Bus
Sing You Like a Bee
Some Hearts
Southern Charm
Sweet Daisy

Gelaze, On the Horizon, and Autumn Nights: 3 More China Glaze Products for 2013

China Glaze Nail Polish Bottles
Who doesn’t love gel nail color? After all, it lasts longer, delivers a smooth, brilliant finish – but it’s not for the time starved. Until now. Once again technology has come to the rescue of all the ladies. Now from the creators of your favorite specialty nail color company, China Glaze, comes Gelaze, a new gel polish technology that combines the gel and base coat all in one, so you can apply in a single step. The other good news – Gelaze has cut the UV curing time, so now you can have a long lasting mani – FAST! Continue Reading

A Case of the Blues? Bolder, Bluer Nails Are Emerging as a Celebrity Look

Woman with blue nail polish
In our recent article on nail trends for Summer 2013, we highlighted several popular styles and one color in particular: orange. Well, in the last couple of weeks, another color has shown its popularity, especially among celebrities, and that would be blue. And in many cases, the bolder the blue, the better.

The Glamour beauty blog identified three celebs who have been seen in blue nails recently: Kat Dennings, Angela Simmons, and Bella Thorne. They’ve been seen on various red carpets with hues of blue on their fingers and toes. If you’re looking for a shade of blue to try yourself, take a peek at the new OPI Dining Al Frisco, part of OPI’s San Francisco collection for Fall/Winter 2013.

The Temptation of Texture, a Tantalizing Trend

OPI Bond Girls CollectionWhat’s the hottest look in nails right now? Think it’s appliques, fine art or the ombre look? Perhaps you could make a case for one of these, but there is another contender. It’s textured, and we’re not talking faux here. Several companies have come out with nail polish that actually give your nails some real, touch, and feel texture. In fact, OPI has an entire collection dedicated to its textured formula known as Liquid Sand: the Bond Girls Collection.

Here are some other alternatives for texture on your nails, courtesy of The Fashion Spot’s rundown on textured manicures:

Soft to the Touch: These new nail color products go beyond simple rhinestones or jewels. The texture is actually worked into the nail polish itself. If you want your nails to glitter like all that’s gold or if you want a truly luxe fuzzy look (think deep hued and soft) then, check out Ciate’s new products. The company sells manicure kits that will make your nails sparkle with miniature rhinestones or feel soft to the touch with a fuzzy like velvet finish. Also hot is the caviar look, so named because your nails are textured with minuscule little round bumps – much like the top of a sushi roll. Continue Reading

Another Sign of the Explosive Growth in the Nail Industry: Revlon Buys Back Gel Nail Polish Unit

Handshake that is symbolic of deal involving Revlon and CND's parent companyThe game’s afoot in the beauty industry. Cosmetics giant Revlon recently made headlines when it repurchased a division of the company it had sold off a few years ago. Just goes to show that even in a not so hot economy, being beautiful has its benefits.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Revlon is getting back into the nail business – the gel polish nail business. Revlon is buying back the Colomer Group for $660 million dollars…over $300 million more than it sold it for over ten years ago. Continue Reading