The Best Nail Polish for Anyone with a Million Dollars

Diamond for nail polish

One million dollar nail polish?!? Yes, that’s what Azature Jewelry recently launched: a bottle of nail polish selling for a cool million dollars. The luxurious nail polish is infused with white and black diamonds which drive up the price tag to its incredible level. The bottle of polish was revealed at a mystique-themed launch party in Los Angeles on October 8, with the nail polish in a cage guarded by exotic white snakes. The event was a luxurious, one hundred person affair with ballerinas performing to classical music and performers swimming in a pool dressed as mermaids. This so-called Black Diamond Affair at the Sunset Tower Hotel was co-produced by EFG and B. Levine Productions with Eddie Zaratsian providing the flowers. Continue Reading

China Glaze Introduces the Happy HoliGlaze 2013 Nail Lacquer Collection

Nail polish for the holidays

China Glaze Nail Lacquer has announced its new line for the winter holidays. The Happy HoliGlaze 2013 collection is an uplifting, party ready line of nail lacquers that are going to have your nails sparkling brighter than the Christmas tree. The Happy HoliGlaze collection includes twelve bright and holiday inspired polishes and one special top coat lacquer. China Glaze has also released ten seasonal holiday gift sets, including Touch Of Twinkle and Sparkle All The Way. Continue Reading

OPI Miss Universe 2013 Nail Polish Collection: Now Anyone Can Feel Like a Beauty Queen

OPI Miss Universe 2013 Nail Polish

OPI has announced its new limited edition set, the Miss Universe 2013 Collection. This luxe line was inspired by the Miss Universe competition and the beautiful, intelligent ladies that will compete in the pageant on November 9, 2013. The collection consists of three unique limited edition nail lacquers that will make you feel like a beauty queen.

The OPI Limited Edition Miss Universe 2013 Collection comes with two purple lacquer top coats, Miss You-niverse and I’m Feeling Sashy. It also features This Gown Needs A Crown, a textured matte platinum that comes with its own bejeweled crown ring to put you into a beauty queen frame of mind. Continue Reading

Nail Polish for Breast Cancer Awareness: 3 New Products for October

Pink Nail Polish for Breast Cancer Awareness

We all know that breast cancer is a serious condition that has affected millions of women. A number of nail polish manufacturers have released commemorative collections and polishes to honor those impacted and to raise further awareness of the disease.

A few weeks ago, we blogged about special nail polish from Morgan Taylor and Gelish in this area, and now we have the 411 on three more amazing options to raise breast cancer awareness through nail polish. Continue Reading

Singing the Praises of Jessica’s A Night at the Opera

Jessica Standing Ovation, part of A Night at the Opera nail polish collection

Standing Ovation, one of the shades in Jessica’s A Night at the Opera collection

If you’re looking for nail polish for going out on the town, the brand new A Night at the Opera collection from Jessica Cosmetics might be right for you. It includes two crème colors and four shimmer styles, all of which can help make any night full of fun and intrigue.

First, the Blue Aria color comes with a dark blue design that is opaque and can be applied with two coats. It goes on smooth without lumps. Like all of the shades in A Night at the Opera, Blue Aria can be seen in a recent review by the PolishAholic.

Opening Night is a pinkish fuchsia color with a bit of a duochrome finish to it. It works with two coats to create a stunning impact.

Overture features a bright red-orange tone that tends to create some shine around the middle parts of the nails. This color works best when a pair of coats have been added to the nails. Orange accents can appear when the nails are in the shade. Continue Reading