10 Fourth of July Nail Art Ideas to Inspire You

Looking for nail design ideas for a special Fourth of July manicure? Maybe one (or more) of these ten patriotic looks will be the inspiration for your perfect holiday-themed nail art…

Blue creme polish with multicolored dots:
Inadvertently Pseudopatriotic - Result

Stars on one hand, stripes on the other:
Fourth of July

A great multicolored look:
Patriotic Nails

Thin stripes and a single heart:
A little 4th of July nail action #nails #nailart

Red with blue and white tips:
patriotic nails

Red, white, and blue solids:
4th of July manicure

A clean classic look in red, white, and blue:
July 4th Nails - 5

Several different designs, including a flag on the thumb:
Fourth of July nails!

Stars and stripes in just red and white:

And finally, a bolder look that includes glitter:


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