The Best Nail Polish for Anyone with a Million Dollars

Diamond for nail polish

One million dollar nail polish?!? Yes, that’s what Azature Jewelry recently launched: a bottle of nail polish selling for a cool million dollars. The luxurious nail polish is infused with white and black diamonds which drive up the price tag to its incredible level. The bottle of polish was revealed at a mystique-themed launch party in Los Angeles on October 8, with the nail polish in a cage guarded by exotic white snakes. The event was a luxurious, one hundred person affair with ballerinas performing to classical music and performers swimming in a pool dressed as mermaids. This so-called Black Diamond Affair at the Sunset Tower Hotel was co-produced by EFG and B. Levine Productions with Eddie Zaratsian providing the flowers.

The high end nail lacquer has a whopping 1,400 white diamonds (98 carats worth) infused into the polish, as well as one black diamond. The nail polish bottle with the contents of a jewelry store inside comes with an embellished, platinum topped cap. This wonderful, indulgent nail lacquer could only be dreamed up by one of the top names in jewelry with the drive to actually make this elegant dream a reality. Pumped full of the kind of rocks that usually go on one’s ring finger, the polish will certainly get bystanders’ attention, as dazzling light will reflect off the nails of anyone wearing it.

Kelly Osbourne had the privilege of modeling the million dollar white diamond manicure, and she was out to support the launch at the Sunset Tower Hotel. And on the off-chance that you can’t drop seven figures for a bottle of nail polish, Azature Jewelry has announced that a more affordable consumer version will be sold for $25. Rock your jewelry case on your nails with the latest in luxury from Azature.

Here is a video of Kelly Osbourne with Azature’s million dollar nail polish:

And Toni Braxton wore it as well:

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