Which Is the Best Nail Polish Collection for Fall 2013?

OPI and China Glaze Collections for Fall 2013

Have you ever wanted to figure which EXACT shade of nail polish would be best for you? Or which seasonal nail polish collection would be most appropriate? Polishes from different brands are often similar colors, so it helps to be able to see them next to each other to look at their differences. The PolishAholic has done a nifty comparison of four different Fall 2013 collections, one each from OPI, China Glaze, Essie, and Zoya.

If you check out her review, you can see similar colors next to each other on her fingers. She did a great job taking photos of all of the colors that are comparable so you can see which would be best for you. Check out the post here and then take a look at the nail polish collections we have in stock.


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