A Case of the Blues? Bolder, Bluer Nails Are Emerging as a Celebrity Look

Woman with blue nail polish
In our recent article on nail trends for Summer 2013, we highlighted several popular styles and one color in particular: orange. Well, in the last couple of weeks, another color has shown its popularity, especially among celebrities, and that would be blue. And in many cases, the bolder the blue, the better.

The Glamour beauty blog identified three celebs who have been seen in blue nails recently: Kat Dennings, Angela Simmons, and Bella Thorne. They’ve been seen on various red carpets with hues of blue on their fingers and toes. If you’re looking for a shade of blue to try yourself, take a peek at the new OPI Dining Al Frisco, part of OPI’s San Francisco collection for Fall/Winter 2013.


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