DIY Nail Styles – Five Unique Looks that Will Take Almost No Time at All

Do-it-yourself nail styles for anyone

Do-it-yourself nail styles are great–you can create them whenever you have some free time, and there is no need to travel to a nail salon, or make an appointment, or pay someone else to make your nails look great. Of course, the downside to DIY nail designs is that they can be difficult to execute, as they hardly ever turn out quite the way you envision. Sticking with styles that are easy to do often means that your nails won’t stand out and will be, well, boring.

Over at BeautyHigh, there is a guide to five runway-inspired nail styles that are creative yet straightforward for most people to do. They shouldn’t take much time to complete, but the results are unique designs that will make your nails look great. These nail polish styles truly are not something you see everyday; they include one-line designs, C-shapes, stilettos with bold colors on only the tips, glitter half moons, and a combination of half-moons and French tips.

The guide has very simple instructions so you can create these uncommon DIY nail designs without a struggle.

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Three Holiday Nail Designs for the Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner Nail Artist

Nail Design for a Winter Holiday Manicure

With the winter holidays upon us, it’s time for many nail enthusiasts to decorate their nails festive designs. Some nail art can be very simple, while other examples can be intricate and require a lot of experience. has a guide to holiday nail designs that is great for anyone, as there are three manicures, one each for people with advanced, intermediate, and beginner skill levels.

The advanced nail design is called the “Full-On Mrs. Claus”, and it features snowflakes, a snowman, and a Christmas tree. The medium skill level manicure is referred to as “Wrapping Paper Nails”, and it will make your nails look like gifts that are ready to be opened. The final design, which is for beginners, is two-toned and called “Elegantly Festive”. It is a stylish look featuring a rich burgundy like Visions of Love in the OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Reds collection, along with a silver glitter.

With these three options, everyone can wear a festive nail design for the holiday season. Discover the manicure that is right for you!

DIY Ombre Nails – A Step By Step Tutorial

Do It Yourself Ombre Nail Polish

The Glamour Beauty Blog has a great post on a do-it-yourself method for getting the fun ombre look at home. The step-by-step tutorial lays out exactly how to create the gradient you want, making it pretty straightforward to achieve these DIY nails. Another great thing about the tutorial is that it involves items that most people already have at home, like a toothpick and a sponge.

For even more methods for creating ombre nails, here’s a video featuring five different ways to create gradient looks with nail polish: Continue Reading

Do It Yourself Nail Designs that Anyone Can Do

Do It Yourself (DIY)
Anyone who spends even five minutes browsing the Web in search of eye-catching do-it-yourself nail designs will find tons of fun, great-looking ideas. Some might be silly, others might have a more elegant undertone, but undoubtedly, the question that everyone eventually asks when looking at pictures of DIY nail art is…”Can I actually do this?” Even if a tutorial is available, it can be quite a daunting task to replicate the seemingly flawless appearance of nails that are found online.

Fortunately, has brought together three DIY designs that look great but don’t require hours of free time and a surgeon’s fine motor skills to accomplish. Continue Reading

DIY Nail Design: 12 Simple Yet Fabulous Designs

An Example of DIY Nail Art DesignDoing nail design at home always seems like a good idea…until you figure out what you want to do, take a look at a tutorial, and then get intimidated by the over-complicated process. Well, do-it-yourself nails can be simple to complete while still looking great, thanks to these 12 designs for your fingernails at

Each of the 12 designs are so straightforward that they have step-by-step tutorials consisting of nothing but a handful of images. No words necessary! Take a look if you’re interested in ideas for DIY nails that are simple but still leave you with enviable results.

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