The Ten Best Glitter Nail Polish Shades of 2013

Top Glitter Polishes Including Purple Shades

As 2013 comes to an end, it’s a good idea to look back and review the best polishes of the year. Over at All Lacquered Up, there is a list of the top ten glitter nail polishes of 2013, complete with swatches. In our last post, we looked at a China Glaze glitter polish in the Happy HoliGlaze Collection, Bells Will Be Blinging; a different Happy HoliGlaze glitter, All Wrapped Up, made the top ten list.

Another popular shade in the top ten is an OPI liquid sand, Alcatraz Rocks. The sparkle and texture of lacquers like these made glitters popular in 2013, and will keep them fashionable next year and perhaps beyond.

Gray Nail Polish for Autumn and Winter

Woman with gray nail polish

When people think of fashionable nail polish for Autumn or festive polish for Christmas and Winter, gray is usually not the color that comes immediately to mind. However, this Fall and Winter season, you might want to take some suggestions from, which has a feature on the benefits of gray nail polish.

Gray nails can give a subdued yet chic appearance, which works well whether you’re in a black dress or something more casual. Some suggestions are to try a light gray on your nails with other colors like blue or yellow. And light gray can be a terrific base color for nail art.

Another shade of gray that would look great this season is dark or charcoal gray, which goes well with the many glittery and textured polishes that are popular now. And a third type of gray includes the color with purple or pink tones to give a warmer appearance.

If you’re interested in gray nail polish, take a look at OPI’s Haven’t the Foggiest, part of this winter’s San Francisco collection.

Another Take on the Top Nail Trends of the 2013 Winter Holiday Season

Trendy Black Nails for the 2013 Winter Holiday Season

We have given our thoughts on the best nail polish trends of Fall and Winter 2013, but here is another opinion from The site gives its top four trends for this Winter: white nails, dark and glamorous polishes, bright and bold colors, and the glitter look. The post gives examples of nail polish brands and shades that fit the trend, as well as celebrities who have worn the looks in public.

More of the Best Nail Polish Products for the Winter Holidays 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Nail Polish Collection 2013

We’ve described in previous posts some of the top nail polish trends and colors for Fall and Winter 2013, but here is another resource: Fashionista has the “ultimate” guide to the best polish for this year’s Winter and holiday season. Included among the top lacquer collections is the Mariah Carey 2013 Holiday set from OPI. Many other brands and products are featured.

Stylish Simplicity: 6 Nail Trends for Fall and Winter 2013 You Need to Know

Woman with Fall and Winter Black Nail Polish

The 2013 fall and winter fashion collections have begun to debut, and as always, the nails are just as much fun as the haute couture. Nail artists bring their skills and decked out the models in a range of colors, textures, and designs, and just as fashion trends emerge, so do nail color trends.

The new mantra seems to be less is more. If summer is about the living being easy, the cold, crisp days of autumn and winter have brought a return to a more serious, understated look. Don’t panic – judging by the variety of hues, shapes, and colors out there, there is still plenty of fun to be had – though with a bit more restraint. Here’s a rundown of six of the biggest trends to hit the runway in fall and winter 2013.

1. Black is the New Black – Who can resist the perfect LBD? No one can, and the perfect LBN – little black nail – is alive and well. Consider some of the new black polishes, OPI’s Black Onyx, like butter LONDON, or like Union Jack Black. To get a truly opaque look, try layering a black shade with another deep, dark color like a Royal Navy. For the matte look, top your black lacquer with a matte coat like OPI’s Matte Envy, or if you prefer a shiny French finish, try swiping a glossy top coat just along the tips for a stunning statement. Continue Reading