China Glaze The Giver Collection: 12 New Colors Inspired By the Summer Blockbuster Release

The Giver Nail Polish Collection from China Glaze

China Glaze has created a new nail polish collection to coincide with the release of “The Giver,” one of the most anticipated movies coming out this summer. The colors of the set are inspired by the themes, characters, and key moments in the story.

The collection contains 11 crèmes, some vivid and others neutral, along with one glitter. The following is a full list of shades:

Boundary of Memory – Black with gold and amber glitter
Community – Brown crème
Five Rules – Clay crème
Seeing Red – Red crème
History of the World – Navy crème
Intelligence, Integrity & Courage – Gray-blue crème
New Birth – Baby blue crème
Capacity to See Beyond – Bright aqua crème
Givers Theme – Vivid violet crème
Friends Forever, Right? – Baby pink crème
Release – Greige crème
The Outer Edge – White and silver glitter

The movie stars Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, and other acclaimed actors. The Giver is set to hit theaters on August 15.

Like other China Glaze polish, the shades in The Giver Collection are 3-free: without toluene, DBP, and added formaldehyde. To see more about China Glaze products on our blog, check out our China Glaze page.


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