Introducing China Glaze Halloween Nail Polish for 2013: the Monsters Ball Collection

China Glaze Halloween Nail Polish for 2013

If you’re looking for fun Halloween-themed nail polish this Fall, the new Monsters Ball collection from China Glaze might be right for you. One Nail to Rule Them All and Polishaholic have done reviews and swatches for the set; here is a summary of comments on the six shades in the collection:

First up is Fang-tastic which features blue, green, and pink glitter. This is used as a topcoat to fit over solid colors. It’s best with a pink or blue base. Only one coating is required as it enhances the total look of the nails.

The Howl You Doin’ shade is a dark purple base combined with orange and blue glitter. It might require two separate coats, but it is anything but complicated to use.

Bat My Eyes is next in Monsters Ball, and it features a black jelly with gold glitter in a plethora of sizes. It must be applied slowly for an even spread and to avoid clumping. This also can be best with two coats but there is no need for a topcoat.

Fourth is the Boo-gie Down clear base with black, white, bronze, and gold glitter. It is a topcoat compatible with a number of different shades. There is even some rectangular-shaped bar glitter to accentuate its overall appearance.

The Bump in the Night provides an opaque black coating with a rough-looking surface to cover the nails. This creates a textured, almost rock-like appearance, and it’s very easy to apply in one coat.

Finally, we have Ghoulish Glow glaze. It can be applied as a top coat over other nail shades. The best feature of Ghoulish Glow is that it glows in the dark. It creates a vibrant green when the lights are out, which is perfect for Halloween. It seems to have a deeper glow than what China Glaze has used in recent years for this particular color.

The China Glaze Monsters Ball collection is sure to bring out the Halloween spirit in anyone. Click here to see the nail polish set at


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