How to Stop Cracked Nails and 10 Other Common Fingernail Problems

Nail Treatment for Cracking and Splitting

Everybody loves a new manicure, but if you crack your nail or have issues with your cuticles, the look of your new polish or nail art can go from impressive to icky in no time flat. Here is a slideshow with 11 common manicure problems and suggested solutions for each one. Keep in mind that this certainly is not medical advice, and a doctor or other professional should be consulted to examine serious symptoms.

The problems addressed and their recommended solutions are:

  1. dry fingernails and cuticles: cuticle oil like CND Solar Oil
  2. rough cuticles: cuticle eliminator
  3. hangnails: moisturizer (and fingernail clippers)
  4. ridges on the nails: ridge-filling base coat
  5. yellowing nails: nail brightener
  6. peeling nails: Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II with protein
  7. nails that crack or split easily: Nailtiques Nail Protein
  8. nails that won’t grow: nail “fertilizer” with herbs and minerals
  9. post-manicure smudging: fast-drying top coat
  10. thickened polish: OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner
  11. dark spots on your skin: dark spot correcting or brightening hand cream

A lot of these problems are so frustrating! And yet they are very common. Take a look at our Nail Treatments center for more solutions to everyday nail problems.


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