Stylish Simplicity: 6 Nail Trends for Fall and Winter 2013 You Need to Know

Woman with Fall and Winter Black Nail Polish

The 2013 fall and winter fashion collections have begun to debut, and as always, the nails are just as much fun as the haute couture. Nail artists bring their skills and decked out the models in a range of colors, textures, and designs, and just as fashion trends emerge, so do nail color trends.

The new mantra seems to be less is more. If summer is about the living being easy, the cold, crisp days of autumn and winter have brought a return to a more serious, understated look. Don’t panic – judging by the variety of hues, shapes, and colors out there, there is still plenty of fun to be had – though with a bit more restraint. Here’s a rundown of six of the biggest trends to hit the runway in fall and winter 2013.

1. Black is the New Black – Who can resist the perfect LBD? No one can, and the perfect LBN – little black nail – is alive and well. Consider some of the new black polishes, OPI’s Black Onyx, like butter LONDON, or like Union Jack Black. To get a truly opaque look, try layering a black shade with another deep, dark color like a Royal Navy. For the matte look, top your black lacquer with a matte coat like OPI’s Matte Envy, or if you prefer a shiny French finish, try swiping a glossy top coat just along the tips for a stunning statement.

2. Black, White, Tan, Oh My – Carrying the black look a bit further are nails that combine black and other neutrals like white or tan to stunning effect. Whether it’s a detailed white and black checkerboard pattern or deep black with white accents – like a reverse French, the classic combo of black and white has never looked more chic. To try out this style, paint just the moons white and leave the rest of the nail black. If you’re not a fan of stark white, give this look a twist with a half moon manicure. Start with a neutral shade like OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, and then paint the moons black with your favorite dark as night lacquer.

3. Oxbloods – Replacing the neon brights of summer are the rich and deeply vibrant shades of the oxblood family, as can be seen in the popular fall 2013 nail polish collections from OPI, China Glaze, and others. Ranging from a deep crimson to olive green, make the most of the oxblood trend by painting the whole nail in one color, or layer two of the oxblood tones together for a deep, jewel-like look. Search out these rich, deeply satisfying shades, like Bloodline from CND or Dark Side of the Moon from the fall Deborah Lippmann collection.

OPI Red-Brown Nail Polish for Fall and Winter 2013

OPI I Knead Sour-Dough, part of the San Francisco Collection, is a classic shade for Autumn 2013.

4. Metallics – All that glitters isn’t gold. But this season no one seems to mind as metallic shades are still all the rage for nail colors. Not a fan of gold? You’re sure to find an alloy you love in the hot new silver, chrome, or bronze shades. Or if you just can’t pick between them, try combining the metal tones for a swirling, ethereal look. Keep an eye out for Essie’s Nothing Else Metals or Over the Edge. OPI also has a silver graphite shade that’s tres cool called Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, or look for Number One Nemesis also by OPI.

5. 3D Accents – The nail art trend seems to have played itself out, however for those of you who revel in a little texture and bling, never fear. There is still plenty of fun to be had this season if you like to play things up. Start with one of the strong, dark shades, like a metallic, oxblood, or the new black and then allow your imagination to come into play. Want a bit of shine? Try out glitter dusted tips for an all-night sparkle. Do you like an edgier vibe? Then don’t be afraid of metal studs to make a bold, biker girl statement. Even though the tones of the season seem to be veering towards dark and rich, this is one time when you can still pull out a bright hue. Not over the lacy look? Good news, lace toppers are still in. To rock this look, take your favorite polish, find lace, trim to fit your nail and then apply, covering with a clear top coat.

6. Nail Shapes – Shapes are veering away from the super long and super pointy stiletto look to a more rounded almond shape. For those who truly like less is more when it comes to nails, take heart – models rocked the undone look at the Derek Lam and J Mendel shows. To get a polished version of the the ‘naked’ look, consider shaping the nail and using two coats of a clear or natural polish for something that’s refreshingly simple. Not a fan of the rounded shape? You can update the stiletto look for Autumn by shaping the nail with a flat top.

With cues from the fashion world. nail trends this fall and winter are veering towards the simple yet dramatic, with bold rich colors in the traditional jewel-like tones of fall and a shimmering range of metallics.

If you are ready to get your hands on the colors of Fall and Winter 2013, take a look at one of the most popular sets to emerge this season, the San Francisco Collection from OPI.