Summer 2014 Nail Polish Collections – Check Out These New Sets from OPI and China Glaze

New OPI Go Neon or Go Nude Collection for Summer 2014

With the weather getting warmer, nail polish companies are beginning to give details regarding their summer 2014 collections. OPI and China Glaze both have made announcements recently about new collections featuring bright colors that are inspired by activities of the season.

OPI has introduced a set called Go Neon or Go Nude (also known by the simpler name Neons by OPI), which includes six new neon polishes in a wide range of colors. These shades also mark the first time the brand is offering neons in a full-size bottle. In addition to the six new lacquers, Neons by OPI includes a white base coat that will further enhance the summer colors. Here are descriptions of the six shades and base coat:

Life Gave Me Lemons – This citrusy lemon-lime hits the spot every time!
You are So Outta Lime! – Here comes trouble and she’s wearing this outspoken lime green!
Juice Bar Hopping – This tangerine cream makes me jump for joy!
Hotter than You Pink – Just when you think pink can’t get any hotter, there’s this!
Push & Pur-Pull – This forceful purple has got me coming and going!
Down to the Core-al – The beauty of this brilliant coral goes beyond skin deep.
Put a Coat On! – Amp up any bright shade with this color-boosting base coat.

China Glaze has made its own announcement regarding its new summer 2014 nail polish collection, Off Shore. This set is inspired by the many beach and ocean activities that are so much fun during the warm-weather months of summer. The Off Shore collection features the following 12 shades:

If In Doubt, Surf It Out: Mellow orange crème
Stoked To Be Soaked: Primary orange crème
Seas The Day: Rich red crème
Dune Our Thing: Dark neon berry crème
X-Ta-Sea: Dark neon eggplant crème
I Sea The Point: Bright neon blue crème
Wait N’ Sea: Aqua crème
Be More Pacific: Light lime crème
Shore Enuff: Green crème
Sun Upon My Skin: Yellow crème
Feel The Breeze: Baby pink neon crème
Float On: Bright neon pink crème

While the China Glaze Off Shore nail polish collection is due out in June 2014, the OPI summer neons are available for purchase right now. Click here for the Go Neon or Go Nude Collection by OPI at Nail Polish and More.


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