OPI Miss Universe 2013 Nail Polish Collection: Now Anyone Can Feel Like a Beauty Queen

OPI Miss Universe 2013 Nail Polish

OPI has announced its new limited edition set, the Miss Universe 2013 Collection. This luxe line was inspired by the Miss Universe competition and the beautiful, intelligent ladies that will compete in the pageant on November 9, 2013. The collection consists of three unique limited edition nail lacquers that will make you feel like a beauty queen.

The OPI Limited Edition Miss Universe 2013 Collection comes with two purple lacquer top coats, Miss You-niverse and I’m Feeling Sashy. It also features This Gown Needs A Crown, a textured matte platinum that comes with its own bejeweled crown ring to put you into a beauty queen frame of mind. Continue Reading

See the OPI Nail Polish Worn by Miss USA Contestants

On June 16, Connecticut’s 25-year-old Erin Brady was crowned Miss USA 2013 at Planet Hollywood Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas. Dressed in a white, strapless gown with a sparkly bodice and flowing satin bottom, Erin won over the judges with her beauty, intelligence, charm, and final question and answer round.

Miss USA contestant in red bikini

Nail polish, like the bikini, had a role in this year’s Miss USA pageant.

This year’s pageant, however, was not all about hair, makeup and wardrobe; each contestant received neatly applied nail polish from OPI, the official brand of nail polish of the Miss USA competition. The colors and designs of the nail art were provided to match the contestants’ outfit in the finale. Now, although fingernails were never given much importance in the Miss USA pageant in the past, OPI and the program are definitely on to something. Nail art is no longer a hobby with just teenage girls; women all over the world, including numerous celebrities, have made nail polish as popular as it has ever been. Continue Reading