Singing the Praises of Jessica’s A Night at the Opera

Jessica Standing Ovation, part of A Night at the Opera nail polish collection

Standing Ovation, one of the shades in Jessica’s A Night at the Opera collection

If you’re looking for nail polish for going out on the town, the brand new A Night at the Opera collection from Jessica Cosmetics might be right for you. It includes two crème colors and four shimmer styles, all of which can help make any night full of fun and intrigue.

First, the Blue Aria color comes with a dark blue design that is opaque and can be applied with two coats. It goes on smooth without lumps. Like all of the shades in A Night at the Opera, Blue Aria can be seen in a recent review by the PolishAholic.

Opening Night is a pinkish fuchsia color with a bit of a duochrome finish to it. It works with two coats to create a stunning impact.

Overture features a bright red-orange tone that tends to create some shine around the middle parts of the nails. This color works best when a pair of coats have been added to the nails. Orange accents can appear when the nails are in the shade. Continue Reading