Can a Nail Salon Also Be a Man Cave?

On famous Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, a new nail salon has opened recently. Perhaps this doesn’t sound newsworthy, but what makes it interesting is that this salon caters to men. Called Hammer and Nails, the business has received pretty good reviews on Yelp and offers manicure and pedicure services ranging from $25 to $110. has more details.

This nail shop is another indication that nail polish for men is becoming more popular and socially acceptable. What do you think? Does this seem like a sustainable business, or are manis and pedis for guys more of just a passing fad?

The Best Nail Art Salons in Los Angeles, According to LAist

Have you ever wondered which nail art salons can turn your nails into “Instagrammable works of art”? Or perhaps you would just like to get some new ideas for nail designs?

This article from LAist lists the best nail salons in Los Angeles. The piece lists seven salons and gives you a taste of what makes them so appealing. There are even a couple of pictures that might inspire you, even if you can’t make it out to these locations.