Nail Art for Men: Just How Popular Has It Become?

Nail art and manicures are for men as well as women

One growing trend in countries throughout the world is nail art for men. Decorating one’s nails is not something that just women do, and even males get creative when using polish or decals on their finger tips. Glamour Magazine has a comprehensive feature on the trend of male nail art in the UK. It features some nail designs worn by Snoop Dogg and discusses how it’s becoming much more common for men to go to nail salons and receive manicures. The article also contains tips for men such as using decals, negative space, and an accent nail in their designs.

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Can a Nail Salon Also Be a Man Cave?

On famous Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, a new nail salon has opened recently. Perhaps this doesn’t sound newsworthy, but what makes it interesting is that this salon caters to men. Called Hammer and Nails, the business has received pretty good reviews on Yelp and offers manicure and pedicure services ranging from $25 to $110. has more details.

This nail shop is another indication that nail polish for men is becoming more popular and socially acceptable. What do you think? Does this seem like a sustainable business, or are manis and pedis for guys more of just a passing fad?

This Celebrity Nail Artist Is Also a … Dad?

Little Girl with Nail Polish

Yes, you read that correctly…this person, who is a L’OrĂ©al spokesperson and manicurist for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Zooey Deschanel, Anne Hathaway, and others, is first and foremost a dad. His name is Tom Bachik, and he has two sons and a teenaged daughter. It is on the fingernails of his daughter that he develops new ideas for nail art. He cherishes the time he does her nails because it’s an activity that they can do together.

He experiments a lot with different designs on his daughter’s digits, and she will tell him that she likes them or (politely) let him know that she is not the biggest fan of his latest nail art creation. He posts pics of his daughter’s nails (along with photos of his celebrity work) on Instagram. Whatever his method, it seems to work both for his family life and his career, which is touching and inspiring.

Manicures for Men? Nail Polish for Males is Entering the Mainstream

The New York Times recently ran a story with an interesting premise: men are beginning to use nail polish on both their hands and feet. The piece discusses a number of individuals with different backgrounds who paint their nails in different ways.

First, there is a federal government budget analyst who likes to get pedicures with his wife. The finishing touch on the pedicure is usually nail polish for his toes. He likes shades of green or orange, though of course he is able to hide his nails whenever he is wearing shoes.

Another man is a bar owner in New York who wears black fingernail polish virtually everyday. It is kind of a trademark for him, and he says that the feedback he gets is fairly positive when he is at work. Continue Reading