From Bold to Basic: The 8 Hottest Nail Trends for Summer 2013

Woman with colorful nail polish for summer 2013
Summer is in full swing and so is the world of bold new nails. With summer tans, dewy skin, and most of us baring just a little bit more skin, now is the time to have your nails feel as fresh, flowery, and happy as the rest of you. Fashion trendsetters are getting daring with their nails, and this is the perfect time for the average gal to follow – after all if BeyoncĂ© is doing it, it can’t be wrong, right?

Here’s a roundup of the top nail trends for the summer of 2013.

1. Mermaid Fresh or Girly Gone – It’s summer time and the living is easy, so why not reflect that by choosing a shade that matches your mood. Feeling girly? Check out the newest pastels for something to highlight your softer side. Is your inner mermaid singing a siren song? Then be sure to check out the Mediterranean inspired shades of blue and green. Need something that goes with a great white – jeans that is? Purple might be just what you need. What’s great is that all of these colors really pop against tan skin and white accents, like sandals or capris. Continue Reading