Summer Nail Polish Recommendations Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You can pick summer nail polish based on your zodiac sign

Nail polish picks are usually fun to think about in any situation, but here’s a little twist: The Fashion Spot has an article with summer nail polish recommendations mixed with astrology. That means that you can choose your polish based on your zodiac sign.

The recommendations include colors and styles. There are mentions of pastels, dark polishes, metallics, decals, and more. Find the look that matches best with your horoscope :) .

A Review of OPI’s Coca-Cola Nail Lacquers

Red Nail Polish Like OPI Coca-Cola Red Lacquer

Over at, there is a review of the new OPI Coca-Cola lacquers that we described back in March. The author was skeptical at first–she wasn’t intrigued by the idea of more nail polish colors based on corporate branding. But once she saw what the shades actually looked like, she changed her tune. She was especially enamored by Coca-Cola Red, a classic red lacquer based on the world famous Coke can…a bright red that’s perfect for summer.

To see all of the OPI nail polish collections that we have to offer, visit the OPI collections page at the Nail Polish and More website.

Summer 2014 Nail Polish Collections – Check Out These New Sets from OPI and China Glaze

New OPI Go Neon or Go Nude Collection for Summer 2014

With the weather getting warmer, nail polish companies are beginning to give details regarding their summer 2014 collections. OPI and China Glaze both have made announcements recently about new collections featuring bright colors that are inspired by activities of the season.

OPI has introduced a set called Go Neon or Go Nude (also known by the simpler name Neons by OPI), which includes six new neon polishes in a wide range of colors. These shades also mark the first time the brand is offering neons in a full-size bottle. In addition to the six new lacquers, Neons by OPI includes a white base coat that will further enhance the summer colors. Here are descriptions of the six shades and base coat: Continue Reading

Nail Polish Fashions for Spring/Summer 2014: 3 Guides to Warm Weather Trends and Colors

Nail polish collections and colors for Spring and Summer 2014

Spring is here! This means that the weather is starting to warm up in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’ll soon be time for bathing suits, bright colors, and more time in the sun. And of course, nail polish fashions will follow suit, so here are three guides to the trends, collections, and colors for Spring and Summer 2014.

First up is a rundown from Fashionista of 18 nail polish collections for spring, each filled with colors of the season. Some of the brands included are Essie, OPI, and Morgan Taylor.

Next is a slideshow from the Zoe Report showing the top five nail trends of Spring: bold fuschia polishes, hues of orange/melon, nude shades accented with shimmer, earthy or spice-colored shades, and many varieties of blue.

And finally, we have a guide from Cosmopolitan spotlighting 14 nail polish shades that you’re likely to see in Spring 2014. Included are pinks, blues, yellows, and more.

To see images of beautiful and creative manicures featuring many of these colors of Spring and Summer 2014, be sure to visit and “like” the Nail Polish and More Facebook page.

From Bold to Basic: The 8 Hottest Nail Trends for Summer 2013

Woman with colorful nail polish for summer 2013
Summer is in full swing and so is the world of bold new nails. With summer tans, dewy skin, and most of us baring just a little bit more skin, now is the time to have your nails feel as fresh, flowery, and happy as the rest of you. Fashion trendsetters are getting daring with their nails, and this is the perfect time for the average gal to follow – after all if BeyoncĂ© is doing it, it can’t be wrong, right?

Here’s a roundup of the top nail trends for the summer of 2013.

1. Mermaid Fresh or Girly Gone – It’s summer time and the living is easy, so why not reflect that by choosing a shade that matches your mood. Feeling girly? Check out the newest pastels for something to highlight your softer side. Is your inner mermaid singing a siren song? Then be sure to check out the Mediterranean inspired shades of blue and green. Need something that goes with a great white – jeans that is? Purple might be just what you need. What’s great is that all of these colors really pop against tan skin and white accents, like sandals or capris. Continue Reading