Nail Art for Men: Just How Popular Has It Become?

Nail art and manicures are for men as well as women

One growing trend in countries throughout the world is nail art for men. Decorating one’s nails is not something that just women do, and even males get creative when using polish or decals on their finger tips. Glamour Magazine has a comprehensive feature on the trend of male nail art in the UK. It features some nail designs worn by Snoop Dogg and discusses how it’s becoming much more common for men to go to nail salons and receive manicures. The article also contains tips for men such as using decals, negative space, and an accent nail in their designs.

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Interview with Nails Inc Founder Thea Green

A woman receiving a manicure in a nail shop

Thea Green, who founded Nails Inc in 1999 and has grown the operation to 60 shops in Britain, answers questions from the Huffington Post in this feature. Green, who was a fashion editor before starting Nails Inc, is married with three children and now also mentors teenagers who are thinking about their future careers.

Green is yet another example of entrepreneurs finding success in the nail industry.