The Temptation of Texture, a Tantalizing Trend

OPI Bond Girls CollectionWhat’s the hottest look in nails right now? Think it’s appliques, fine art or the ombre look? Perhaps you could make a case for one of these, but there is another contender. It’s textured, and we’re not talking faux here. Several companies have come out with nail polish that actually give your nails some real, touch, and feel texture. In fact, OPI has an entire collection dedicated to its textured formula known as Liquid Sand: the Bond Girls Collection.

Here are some other alternatives for texture on your nails, courtesy of The Fashion Spot’s rundown on textured manicures:

Soft to the Touch: These new nail color products go beyond simple rhinestones or jewels. The texture is actually worked into the nail polish itself. If you want your nails to glitter like all that’s gold or if you want a truly luxe fuzzy look (think deep hued and soft) then, check out Ciate’s new products. The company sells manicure kits that will make your nails sparkle with miniature rhinestones or feel soft to the touch with a fuzzy like velvet finish. Also hot is the caviar look, so named because your nails are textured with minuscule little round bumps – much like the top of a sushi roll.

On The Edge: If you like your nails to have a little more of an edge, then check out Illamasqua’s rubber finish nail polish. The rich colors perfectly showcase the shiny, wet look of a waxy rubber finish. Yes, your nails will feel and look like your favorite pair of rubber boots – perfect for rainy fall weather.
For a harder edge you can try Nail Inc’s concrete finish nail polish, which like its name, will give you a rough sand paper like finish. Colors in the line range from lime green to tomato red.

Let Your Lacy Side Go: If you’re feeling crafty, you can always try a lace manicure – take a bit of lace, trim to fit your nails. Add a base and top coat, then the lace and then a top coat to fix in place. You can also try this with a bagful of feathers from the craft store. Both will add some unexpected texture to your manicure.

A Walk on the Wild Side: For those of you looking to take it to the next level, nail fashionistas have been sporting snake skin manicures – nope, not from a bottle. This involves a real piece of snakeskin applied to the nail – however probably not something to try at home.

One tip that’s helpful with any type of textured appearance: it generally will look better on shorter nails.

Whichever way you decide to go, texture’s in this season – so prepared to be touched!


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