Interview with Nails Inc Founder Thea Green

A woman receiving a manicure in a nail shop

Thea Green, who founded Nails Inc in 1999 and has grown the operation to 60 shops in Britain, answers questions from the Huffington Post in this feature. Green, who was a fashion editor before starting Nails Inc, is married with three children and now also mentors teenagers who are thinking about their future careers.

Green is yet another example of entrepreneurs finding success in the nail industry.

This Celebrity Nail Artist Is Also a … Dad?

Little Girl with Nail Polish

Yes, you read that correctly…this person, who is a L’OrĂ©al spokesperson and manicurist for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Zooey Deschanel, Anne Hathaway, and others, is first and foremost a dad. His name is Tom Bachik, and he has two sons and a teenaged daughter. It is on the fingernails of his daughter that he develops new ideas for nail art. He cherishes the time he does her nails because it’s an activity that they can do together.

He experiments a lot with different designs on his daughter’s digits, and she will tell him that she likes them or (politely) let him know that she is not the biggest fan of his latest nail art creation. He posts pics of his daughter’s nails (along with photos of his celebrity work) on Instagram. Whatever his method, it seems to work both for his family life and his career, which is touching and inspiring.

A Skeptic Becomes a Big Fan of Manicures

Here’s an entertaining story of a woman who was not much of a fan of anything having to do with outward signs of femininity (wearing makeup, styling her hair, or doing her nails). But after a trip to the nail salon and picking out “bright purple with sparkles” for her nails, she now sings a different tune. She finds that receiving a manicure was not so bad, and she thinks that she will continue to have glitzier nails in the future.